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How to sell to CIO’s and CTO’s

How to sell to CIO’s and CTO’s

August 22, 2020

In this episode, we cover how to sell to Chief Information Officers & Chief Technology Officers by chatting with Wendy Pfeiffer-CIO of Nutanix,

Wendy leads the IT team at Nutanix, a publicly traded company with 7,000 worldwide employees.  They’re an IT firm working with enterprise level clients providing hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) in a few verticals. They also support businesses via remote apps, data storage and networking technology.

We cover:
>How to sell to them (CIO’s *CTO’s)
>How to approach them
>The best way to approach them
>How they make decisions
>What they look for in a vendor

And other interesting items.

Interview-Rich Prest-SEVP-Corporate Strategy-AssistRx

Interview-Rich Prest-SEVP-Corporate Strategy-AssistRx

August 2, 2020

In this episode, we interview Rich Prest-Senior Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy at AssistRx.


AssistRx provides a tech platform called iAssist that helps streamline the process of getting specialty meds to chronically  ill patients from a few months to as little as a few weeks or days.

The specialty medicine approval process can be cumbersome, intimidating and complex. While being very costly for the patient.  iAssist helps physicians and patients streamline that process while saving money for the patient and time for the provider.

We cover:

1. How iAssist helps medical providers
2. The cumbersome process for approvals of specialty meds
3. The cost of some specialty meds
4. Specialty pharmacies
5. The cost of healthcare delivery and how pharmaceuticals account for a small portion of overall costs


Interview-Paul Price-CEO-Arglye Forum

Interview-Paul Price-CEO-Arglye Forum

July 25, 2020

In this episode of the Sales Prospector show, we interview Paul Price, CEO of Argyle Forum Argyle Forum is an event management business that helps their clients get more leads, sales and solidify their branding. They work with customers who want to present their products and services to C-Level audiences and other decision makers via in person events and webinars. Argyle works in the tech, finance, human resources and general business (marketing) industries creating events that fill the room with your prospects.

We discuss:

Live events
Media properties they own (magazine, websites)
Their 1mil + data set
Their ideal clients
Entry level cost to work with them


Interview-Alain Briancon-CTO Cerebi-AI

Interview-Alain Briancon-CTO Cerebi-AI

July 13, 2020

In this episode of the Sales Prospector show, we interview Alain (AL) Briancon, CTO of Cerebri AI .This company provides a Saas model customer engagement platform to enterprise and middle market clients, allowing them to see which customers are prime for new sales, and upsell/cross selling or who they may lose as a customer (churn).  Using A.I and their customer data to do this is cutting edge. 

We discuss a few industries and some examples on how the tech works, and how it helps businesses and sales reps be more efficient & prepared when talking with customers. 

How to buy and sell a business

How to buy and sell a business

June 27, 2020

In this episode with Chris Jones- President of Sunbelt Business Advisors, we discuss how to finance the acquisition of a business, how much you need to come up with in cash, 80-90% financing options and creative ways to do it.  Also using your retirement accounts (IRA/401K) to fund a purchase. How to find out what your business is really worth, how to sell your business and what businesses are hot "right now" to buy. Visit this website for more content

Get Your Calls Returned and Emails Answered

Get Your Calls Returned and Emails Answered

June 12, 2020

In this episode, which is the audio portion of a webinar we did, we covered proven sales strategies and tactics to:

  • Get your voice mails returned

  • Get your emails returned

  • Restart a stalled sale

We shared what has worked for us and the process you need to implement to get responses from prospects that have disappeared or ghosted you, after you:

  • Gave them a quote

  • You sent them information

  • They blew you off after they agreed to a follow-up discussion

Tastefully Jeweled-Nikki McCray-Owner

Tastefully Jeweled-Nikki McCray-Owner

May 29, 2020

In this episode, we interview Nikki McCray the owner of Tastefully Jeweled, a custom designer of unique costume jewelry. She shares how she started her side business, the creative process in making pieces, and that each piece is unique to the buyer. She can be found on instagram (tastefully Jeweled) facebook and etsy.

How much does a small plane cost? Not much really

How much does a small plane cost? Not much really

May 23, 2020

In this episode we interview Mike Simmons-CEO/Owner of Plane Data an aircraft consulting and appraisal company. They work with consumers and businesses on purchasing their own planes and with banks to assess values of aircraft that also leads to financing. We covered:

What does a small plane cost? (2/4 or 6 seater)
Steps to take before you buy one?
What is the process to get a pilot's licence?
What does it cost to maintain an aircraft?
What is the cost for parking fees at airports, insurance, gas?
We compare commercial travel (delta) to private charter/air taxi travel

Mike Simmons provided real cool insights on what you need to do if you would like your own small plane, or if you want to buy one for your company.  


4 steps to a successful and fulfilling life

4 steps to a successful and fulfilling life

May 16, 2020

I did this off the cuff episode as I was relaxing in the backyard. I felt the inclination to share what I do to have a balanced and successful life with less stress, fear and anxiety. May it speak to you.

Epic Systems and Twilio partner to build Telemedicine app

Epic Systems and Twilio partner to build Telemedicine app

May 1, 2020

Epic Systems builds a new telehealth app with help from Twilio.

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